In-House Seminars / Customizing Process

Each in-house seminar by Spencer Consulting is customized to address:

   (1)  the specific needs of the participating lawyers and/or legal professionals, and

   (2)  the requirements of the sponsoring organization. 

Based on the results of a Sponsor Questionnaire, a customizable Pre-Seminar Survey, and one-on-one telephone interviews with "representative" seminar participants and a representative of the sponsoring organization's Information Technology department (as well as any other discussions desired by the sponsoring organization), each program is tailored:

   (1)  to meet the sponsor's objectives regarding topics to cover and "take-aways"
          for the participants,

   (2)  to be consistent with the culture of the sponsoring organization, and

   (3)  to cover specific questions and concerns expressed by the participants.

Spencer Consulting has a variety of basic seminars which can be used as starting points for a customized program.  Topics from each of these seminars may be mixed and matched to create a program covering multiple topics.  Topics from each of these seminar may also be condensed or omitted in order to create programs shorter than two hours in length.  These basic seminars include:

More information about Spencer Consulting's customized in-house seminars is available in the section on Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any further questions, please call Meg Spencer Dixon at 301-949-2214, or e-mail