Public Seminars / Information for Potential Sponsors

All seven basic seminars described in the section on In-House Seminars are also appropriate for use as public seminars, either as stand-alone programs or as plenary or breakout sessions as part of a multi-program conference.  Topics from each of these seminars may be mixed and matched to create a program covering multiple topics.  Topics from each of these seminars may also be condensed or omitted to create a program that is shorter than two hours in length.

In addition to the seven basic seminars, the following programs are also available as breakout sessions of 60 to 75 minutes:

      When Bad Habits Happen to Good People: How to Rid Yourself of Procrastination
      Learn 31 techniques to attack procrastination, including breaking through
      writer's block, cutting monster projects into manageable chunks, developing
      decisiveness in decision-making, and establishing an organized routine.  The
      program also covers the five steps involved in breaking bad habits and describes
      five good habits to adopt to increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

      Managing Your In-Boxes: Making Information Work For You
      Learn how to successfully manage the deluge of paper, voicemail, and e-mail that
      appears in your various in-boxes.  Discover the hidden costs and benefits of ef-
      fective information management, secrets of efficient organization, how to set
      up and maintain a fool-proof "information flow" pipeline, and how to deal with the
      "out of sight, out of mind" problem.  Learn how to establish the habits of organi-
      zation that will help you accomplish your work more efficiently and effectively
      and with less stress.

All nine of these seminars can be customized to address the needs of specific groups of lawyers (such as attorneys specializing in a particular practice area, or Solo & Small Firm attorneys) or legal professionals (such as professional development professionals, law firm marketing professionals, or paralegals).

More information about sponsoring a public seminar by Spencer Consulting is available in the section on Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any further questions about sponsoring a public seminar by Spencer Consulting, please contact Meg Spencer Dixon at 301-949-2214 or e-mail